Teaching and Learning

Web Resources for Teaching and Learning



Explore Learning - Gizmos for Science & Math (Interactive 30 day trial)

Julie Thompson - Great Sites for Math and Language Arts (K-3)

Center for Technology and Teacher Education - Interactive Math Projects - Center for Technology & Teacher Ed K-12 (most are 6-12)

National Library of Virtual Manipulative


Project Interactive - K-8 Math

Physics Lessons - Physics Lessons & Activities





Social Studies

New York Times Census Data - New York Times Census data can investigate sociological facts in any given area of the US current

A Day In A Life - Great youtube piece

Future Me - Great service for teachers and student goal setting

Newspaper Map - find newspapers throughout the world and translate



Interactive Roller Coaster - Use knowledge of kinetic and potential energy to create a roller coaster (grades 5-12)

Create a Karyotype - Match chromosomes to create a profile of a person (grades 9-12)

Mouse Party Learn Genetics - Learn how different drugs affect the brain (grades 9-12)



Geogebra - great for teaching coordinates, parabolas , line equations, sine, cosine etc

Math Chase - Times tables practice


Spelling City - Wonderful interactive spelling test for all ages

English Language Arts


ABCYa Wordle

Character Tree - Video and supplemental resources focused on specific character traits through prominent figures


Study Skills

Easy Notecards

General Resources

ELMO Resources

How to set up an Elmo PDF

Basic Set up of the Elmo

60 Sec Tech How to use a Elmo